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Below is the list of over 800 movies that are currently part of this podcasting adventure.

How Did We Create Our List?

Release dates are a tricky thing and can vary wildly from country to country. Sometimes even within a country, the release date can vary significantly when considering festival releases, or limited runs versus wide release, or video premieres. For the purposes of this podcast, we are using as our source for determining when the movie was released. If the title has (1991) listed after it, then it is eligible. The movie does not have to have a United States premiere in 1991. As long as imdb claims it was distributed somewhere (theater, festival, video) in 1991, then it meets the first criteria for inclusion. We also only included feature-length pictures that run over 60 minutes. We also had to make sure there was a legitimate way to watch the film through streaming or home video.

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