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Episode #100: Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Listen to Episode 100 of the Podcast here while you enjoy the show notes.

SUMMARY - In Terminator 2: Judgment Day, the machines are still attempting to annihilate the human race in the year 2029. Their previous attempt to send a cybernetic organism back in time to kill Sarah Connor (played by Linda Hamilton) was unsuccessful. Now they are trying it again to target her son John Connor (played by Edward Furlong) who will grow up to be the leader of the resistance if left alive. The humans send their own machine back to protect John against this upgraded T-1000 terminator.

Screenplay by James Cameron and William Wisher; Directed by James Cameron; and released in theaters nationwide on July 3, 1991.


The movie gives us some sci-fi action right away to add to the exposition.

Mixed within the plot, there are several themes at play, such as trust and abuse of power

Which comes in many forms.

There's also the thought of fate and destiny vs. freedom

The time travel discussions are interesting and handled well, even if they will never be perfect.

There are some fantastic practical effects

Of course, the CGI is revolutionary and ushers in a brand new era of action films.

And we can't forget the horrifying recreation of the nuclear attack.

The movie boasts some of the greatest chase sequences ever made

Look, there is a ton to discuss in this movie, so you'll certainly want to listen to the episode to hear all of our in-depth thoughts.

Awards Talk: Oscar winner for Best Sound, Sound Effects Editing, Visual Effects, Makeup. Also nominated for Best Cinematography, and Editing. It earned Saturn nominations for Best Actor, Supporting Actor, Writing, & Makeup. It won for Special Effects, Director, Performance by a younger Actor, Actress, and Best Science Fiction Film. The MTV VMAs saw it nominated for Best Video from a Film (see below for that video). MTV Movie Awards nominee for Best Villain, and Best Movie Song. It won for the Best Action Sequence, Most Desirable Female, Breakthrough Performance, Male Performance, Female Performance, & Best Movie.


This week we don't have any true crime to talk about so we jump right into the music associated with the movie.

Here's a breakdown of the T2 Soundtrack

The big single was, of course, You Could Be Mine from Guns N' Roses

We also talk about the T2 3D ride at Universal Studios, which is no longer in operation

In addition, of course there were action figures and trading card sets and several video games. Jon has played through two of them on Game Boy personally.

Here's the playthrough of T2: The Arcade Game


Nikki 1-5 star scale - 5 out of 5

Jon 0-4 star scale - 4 out of 4

Would you watch it again? - Yes, of course. This is one of the greatest action movies ever made. The story is still effective, the action is still heart-pounding and non-stop. There are plenty of themes presented within the dialogue that add a nice bit of depth that most similar movies don't touch or handle nearly as well. There's a reason this has been spoofed and referenced hundreds of times since its release.

If you want to watch Terminator 2: Judgment Day, as of this recording in February 2023, it’s available on HBO, Digital Rental, VHS, DVD. Check your local listings.


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