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Episode #51: Best of Year One Awards

Listen to Episode 51 of the Podcast here while you enjoy the show notes.

SUMMARY - This episode marks our one-year anniversary of the podcast. We’ve talked about 50 movies so far and we thought it might be fun to give out some awards to celebrate the Best of 1991 - as seen in 2021.

There are a lot of strong categories lined up and we have a lot more to cover in the future. In terms of box office, we’ve only watched 2 of the top 10 movies; 8 of the top 25. On the other end, we’ve only talked about 8 movies that didn’t hit theaters, and so there’s a lot left to watch.

For today’s awards show, we’re bringing you a mix of the traditional categories, some MTV Movie Award Favorites and a couple Razzies. All we’re missing is a Billy Crystal monologue and the 3 hour running time.

Below, we'll list the categories and talk about some strong contenders that didn't win. You'll have to listen to the episode to learn the actual winners.


Best Supporting Actor - Throughout the Barton Fink episode, we talk about how underappreciated John Goodman is, but he still came up short for us this year.

Best Supporting Actress - Amanda Plummer in The Fisher King deserved some recognition along with the rest of the cast.

Best Villain - Horror movies are a good breeding ground for this category, but Tom Villard in Popcorn did not earn the top spot from either of us.

Best Death Scene - Horror is also where most of the candidates for best death scene came from. Cast A Deadly Spell had this fun mutant soup bird thing, for instance.

Best Comedic Performance - Would you believe that Leslie Nielsen did not win our award? We ended up picking two different actors from the same movie.

Best Performance by Kids - Brandon Quentin from The People Under the Stairs had some heavy lifting to do and gained strong consideration.

Best Performance by Animals - Maybe if the pig from Doc Hollywood was in more scenes, it could have won out, but it would be tough to beat the champ we picked.

Best International Feature - Europa doesn't take any awards, but it has a lot going for it and held "nominations" in several categories.

Best Score - This was our toughest category to pick. Cape Fear's score was memorable, but purposefully derivative.

Best Song - It's hard to capture the magic of "Somewhere Out There" but An American Tail: Fievel Goes West tried.

Lifetime Achievement Award - Kelly Jo Minter - She appeared in 4 movies that we watched over the course of the first year and so from this date forward, our Lifetime Achievement Award for person appearing in the most movies during our podcast year will be the Kelly Jo Minter Award.

Best Cinematography - Several strong choices. Delicatessen was visually stunning of course.

Best Male Performance - Dominique Pinon's performance was a sleeper candidate, but ultimately did not make the final cut.

Worst Actor - Unfortunately, the whole production is pretty bad, but Andrew Stevens in The Terror Within II does not do the movie any favors.

Best Female Performance - This category was pretty tough for us. Helen Hunt as Pamela Smart showed her acting prowess in the TV movie.

Worst Actress - The winner was an easy choice, but some of the other candidates simply seemed bored to be in their scenes, like Penelope Ann Miller in Other People's Money.

Best Director - We saw movies from a lot of prominent directors. Julie Dash's Daughters of the Dust is one that has largely been lost to time in terms of public discussion.

Best Movie - Sometimes the best movie will be our highest rated. Sometimes it may not be. The Fisher King is in the top 5.

Worst Movie - Talent for the Game is down there, but it wasn't the absolute worst.

Most 90s Movie - Our own unique category to celebrate the movie that best encapsulates the '90s and 1991. Rock 'n' Roll High School Forever certainly had a lot of those qualities and would have won if we hadn't watched the eventual winner.


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