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Episode #78: Virgin High

Listen to Episode 78 of the Podcast here while you enjoy the show notes.

SUMMARY - In Virgin High, Christy (played by Tracy Dali) is punished by her parents for coming home from a date past midnight with some missing clothes. She’s sent to live at a Catholic boarding school. Meanwhile her boyfriend Jerry (played by Richard Gabai) is determined to find a way to sneak in to the all-girls school with his two guy friends.

Screenplay by Jeff Neill; Directed by Richard Gabai; and released on January 23, 1991.


The movie does not open on a very positive note. Our "hero" is seen unbuttoning the top of his sleeping date's clothes.

This leads to a giant misunderstanding from her parents when she gets home and then she's sent off to a religious boarding school.

From there, Jerry and his friends try to find a way to break into the school, and even though half of the plot revolves around this, it really doesn't matter at all.

Christy is trying to acclimate to her new life and dealing with the "mean girl" leader.

It would be great if we got to spend a little more time learning about the other main girls in the school

Linnea Quigley is fun to watch in this campy role where she's a scheming, manipulative "senior."

Everything is very '90s with some in-your-face camera work and other staples of the era.

There are also weird non-sequiturs that pop up here and there.

Father Guus is in the building.

And then no one notices that the cameraman is the same guy.

Of course, he goes unnoticed a lot.

For a sex comedy called Virgin High, it is not a very sexualized movie. There are a few scenes, but even the car wash scene was surprisingly tame.

The big ending scene was certainly something else and really gave that silly '90s vibe we wanted.

We also thought that the music, written mostly by the director/star, was surprisingly good. The opening song was especially catchy.

Awards Talk: None to speak of this time


This week we don't have any true crime and music was nothing we hadn't covered before and so we start with TV

Here's what you may have been watching on January 23, 1991

We cover a couple of additional shows that some may consider forgotten.

Since this is "USA Up All Night" month, we figured we would also take a look at some of those infamous 1-900 commercials that showed up on every single ad break.

This week, we hope you can find a fun mate for a little less money.


Nikki 1-5 star scale - 2 out of 5

Jon 0-4 star scale - 1/2 out of 4

Would you watch it again? - The movie had some promise and it could have been better with a more coherent plot. It was campy and parts of it were fun for that, so we would watch other Richard Gabai movies. This one wasn't wacky in enough of the right ways to watch it again.

If you want to watch Virgin High, as of this recording in August 2022, it’s available on Tubi, VHS. Check your local listings.


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